21 Drops is a modern line of therapeutic grade essential oils created to counteract the effects of our busy lives. The artisanal blends are 100% natural and wild crafted. Tried, tested and incredibly effective. Designed for use anytime, anywhere.


Founders Cary Caster and Amy Rosenthal had the goal of redefining the concept of aromatherapy through the creation of a brand that established a new standard of efficacy, while appealing to a broader consumer base as a valid therapeutic alternative. After hearing Kelly Kovack speak on a branding panel at the HBA Conference they knew they had found the perfect partner to make their concept a reality. Three weeks later, the twelve month journey from concept to counter began.


21 Drops committed to a concept to counter engagement to create a brand that defined a new paradigm for aromatherapy through design, language and positioning. While all touch points of the brand were carefully crafted to articulate the positioning, the packaging became the culmination of the effort. Having a healthy respect for the task at hand and limited budgets, it was clear that the package needed to work hard. The design effectively defines the brand architecture through portability, individual identity and formula integrity while allowing intuitive de-selection of 21 skus.

After launch the hard work really began through the execution of the strategic plan, development of seasonal marketing initiatives that further redefined the aromatherapy conversation, fostered brand recognition and drove revenue.


An award winning brand identity and design solution that redefined and elevated what is a typically an uninspired category at all touch points: media, buyers and consumers. Provided a new context to engage in the aromatherapy conversation and further the brand’s mission to replace synthetic pharmaceuticals with therapeutic aromatherapy blends.