Alchimie Forever is based on the need for post-procedure skincare formulated to immediately treat sensitized skin and achieve long-term anti-aging benefits coupled with the belief that healthy skin can be achieved using effective botanicals design to inspire sustainable beauty. At the heart of Alchimie Forever is the Polla family’s dedication to the development of anti-aging technologies, research of antioxidants, and the use of lasers in dermatology.


Every brand needs some tweaking along the way to evolve and remain relevant especially in a category as crowded and competitive as anti-aging skincare. Established in 2004 CEO, Ada Polla was ready to take a hard look at what was and wasn’t working across all touch points of their brand approached Brand Growth Management to guide them through the brand renovation.


We engaged a 360 degree deep dive into the Alchimie Forever brand to develop a rebranding strategy that identified core assets to be leveraged and refined into a clearly articulated and unique position that would give the company a competitive advantage.

Through months of collaborative work the team gained a deep understanding of what made the Alchimie Forever brand tick, established the non-negotiables and identified priorities. A Brandmap for the business provided the structure to conceptualize, develop and execute a strategic restage of the brand. This work resulted in establishing a brand language and communication hierarchy that was applied to every brand touch point.


The creation of a clearly articulated and effectively executed brand renovation has resulted in a sales increase, opened distribution opportunities, and increased sell-through with existing retail partners.  The success has lead to an ongoing strategic advisement role as needed to provide insight on various brand and business functions.