Carol’s Daughter



Founded in a Brooklyn kitchen, Lisa Price’s homemade formulations have become a staple in celebrity bathrooms and on retail shelves. From head to toe, Carol’s Daughter is known for its natural beauty products infused with rare ingredients that enhance natural beauty and are made from the heart.


Facing bandwidth challenges and an impending launch date, management tapped the Brand Growth Management team to create an effective and actionable retail launch strategy for the launch of Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer that ensured maximal brand impact and revenue generation for both the initial launch period and beyond.


Given the very short window, Brand Growth Management became an integrated part of the Carol’s Daughter marketing team for six weeks to lead the strategy development of the Fall 2012 launch for the Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer. Through a truncated Brandmapping process, insight into the Monoi sub-brand was gained to ensure the development and execution of a launch strategy that reflected the core values of the Carol’s Daughter brand; enabled further definition of the Monoi sub-category, and successfully launched a new product from a positioning and revenue standpoint.


A launch strategy under tight time lines that supported all required launch initiatives while reinvigorating the Monoi category, and providing product differentiation that set the stage to ‘own’ split-end repair.