Karin Herzog



Founded by Doctor Paul Herzog, a renowned scientist from the Nobel Institute in Stockholm, Karin Herzog is an advanced skincare brand that successfully bridges the gap between science and beauty. Dr. Herzog remains the first and only scientist to-date to stabilize oxygen within a medical grade emulsion, providing a vital source of energy for our skin cells.


While Karin Herzog is a 35 year old brand with a global footprint and success in many markets, the brand never reached its potential in the US. Under new ownership, the management team recognized the opportunity in the US and had the challenge of needing to simultaneously assess, plan, and execute the brand and business to justify further investment to reach full potential.

Lacking a roadmap, expertise, requisite resources, and experience with brand management, channel strategy, operations and more to fully capitalize on its potential in the US Market, the management team engaged Brand Growth Management for strategic advisement.


Retained to guide the company with the management of its present business, while developing the strategic roadmap for the Karin Herzog brand globally we employed a bifurcated approach that addressed real time needs and long term goals. Conducting a comprehensive brand and business audit established the foundation to create and align on positioning and strategy that was required prior to initiating the planning and execution of the US re-launch.

Brandmapping provided the necessary structure and guidance required for new management to understand the heritage of the brand, the science of the product and hierarchy of packaging and communication. This deep dive engaged in a review of all internal and consumer facing assets and touch points that resulted in a distilled action plan to re-stage the brand for the US market.

Roadmapping reduced the learning curve for management to ‘get smart’ in a new category and understand the requirements of the recent acquisition and implications of initial business decisions. Development of a 3 year strategic roadmap including budgets, financial models, marketing and distribution plans provided insight around the requirements necessary to achieve short and long term revenue objectives.

Concurrent with the strategy work the Brand Growth Management team functioned as an integrated part of the management team by providing day in day out advisement and execution across business and creative functions.


The development of a strategic roadmap for the Company’s brand and business to guide responsible decision making, communicate with investors, increase profitable sales, establish an effective brand messaging platform to prime sell in activity, create a contextual framework for promoting and communicating the brand to secure new distribution, create brand and marketplace awareness and demand amongst consumers, retailers, and the trade, set the stage for future product launches, and appeal to investors. In addition, Brand Growth Management created the resource matrix and platform to properly staff and grow the business, and provided strategic hands-on advisory, business development, and marketing guidance.