MD Solar Sciences



Everyone knows the sun is the skin’s number one enemy, but most of us skip sunscreen finding what’s out there to be heavy, pore-clogging, and filled with irritants. Faced with this knowledge, dermatologic oncologist Dr. Robert J. Friedman, a Clinical Professor at NYU School of Medicine, founded and created MD Solar Sciences.


MD Solar Sciences had early success in the market and demonstrated initial commercial viability with its original line of sun care products in physician and spa channels. As a strategy for growth, the company sought to leverage a proprietary technology platform, new packaging, and the addition of anti-aging skin care products to re-launch its brand with the goal of expanding its product portfolio, access mainstream retail beauty channels, and significantly increase revenues.

Recognizing that they lacked a distilled brand identity, Roadmap and the internal resources to achieve their goals, Dr. Robert Friedman retained Brand Growth Management to provide the necessary expertise and a strategic path forward.


The company was in the process of re-launching its brand and needed to build a brand position to claim white space and compel both retailers and the media to its brand. The initial engagement involved a 360-degree deep dive into the business to identify and articulate a unique position the brand could own that would provide a point of differentiation in the marketplace through structured Brandmapping.

Building on the brand foundation, a strategic Roadmap incorporating short and long term goals grounded in financial rational was created with clear steps outlined for execution across the business in order to achieve aggressive sales targets.

Immediately following the initial strategy engagement, the Brand Growth Management team functioned as an integrated part of the management team by providing day in, day out advisement and execution related to strategy, sales, marketing, online and creative functions across the business.


Through Brandmapping, a unique and ownable position in the skincare category was distilled and articulated into an effective and actionable brand messaging platform. The development of a 3 year strategic brand plan and 12 month marketing calendar provided the structure necessary to enable the brand to plan against long term goals while simultaneously executing immediate initiatives. A marketing toolbox was developed to create a consistent and contextual framework for promoting and communicating the brand across all touch points and to establish and animate the paradigm shift of suncare as skincare.

A comprehensive digital marketing program was developed and executed based on content creation to support an adword strategy and brand marketing objectives to prime sell-in at wholesale while driving and converting sales on the brand website.

The development and ongoing advisement on execution of the strategic roadmap for the company’s brand and business was established to guide responsible decision-making, communicate with investors, increase profitable sales and penetrate identified channels of distribution.