Odin New York



Odin New York Fragrances is an award winning niche fragrance brand. Opening their first boutique in 2004, Paul Birardi and Eddy Chai established Odin New York as the first male-focused destination to offer established designer labels and emerging talent. Best described as New York’s “discerning curators of style”, Odin New York has grown into a multi-destination retailer. With a strong, loyal following, Odin New York has and continues to be pivotal in the growth and evolution of contemporary men’s fashion.


As a Co-Founder of the fragrance brand, Kelly Kovack shared the vision of leveraging the cult fashion status of the Odin New York retail brand beyond bricks and mortar. Embracing the nascent niche fragrance trend, the group determined there was an opportunity to carve out white space at luxury through the modern interpretation of classic fragrance families.


While the brand was well established domestically in fashion circles, a well-cultivated strategy was developed and executed at launch to ensure that the fragrance was perceived as a serious fragrance brand and stand alone business rather than a private label offering.

Form and function are the core essence of the iconic packaging of the brand. An exploration in black with contrasting materials and surfaces promote discovery and a tactile experience.

With complimentary skill sets and similar design sensibilities, the Co-Founders collaborate on all aspects of the design, development and running of the brand. From concept creation through supply chain logistics and brand management, everything is handled internally with a divide and conquer mentality.


A FiFi award winning fragrance brand considered to a leader in the niche prestige fragrance category by the industry, media and consumers. Through a distribution strategy based on building strong retail partnerships, the brand has achieved a global footprint that continues to grow through thoughtful and deliberate expansion.